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Signature Platters   ׀  Asian Selections  ׀  Specialty Feasts

Signature Platters
(platters serve 6-10 & 15-20 unless otherwise noted)
~prices subject to change~

Roasted Poblano Rellenos
(stuffed with quinoa, mushrooms, goat cheese and pine nuts)

(served with Mint Yogurt Sauce)

Crab Cakes
(with a zesty chile lime aioli)

Whole Poached Salmon
(poached with white wine and herbs de Provence, chilled and
garnished with thinly sliced cucumber, herbed sour cream, and capers.
Served with baguette slices)
$124.99 (15-20 only)

Raspberry Jalepeno Brie En Croute
(served with an assortment of gourmet crackers)
$55.99 (serves 20-25)

Cheese and Fruit Platter
(seasonal fruits and a selection of domestic and imported cheeses
 served with an array of crackers)

Fresh Vegetable Crudite
(a colorful medley of crisp garden vegetables, including brocolli, carrots,
bell pepper, cucumber, jicama and asparagus, served with your
favorite fresh dressing dipping sauce)

Asian Selections
~prices subject to change~

Vegetarian Sushi Platter
(A selection of vegetable filled sushi featuring cucumber rolls,
vegetarian California rolls, avocado, tofu and cucumber)

Seafood Combination Platter
(A sushi combination of spicy tuna rolls, grilled teriyaki salmon rolls,
and California rolls (lump, crabmeat, avocado, cucumber)

Nori Stacks with Smoked Salmon
(stacked slices of smoked salmon, nori sheets, sushi rice and wasabi paste)

Spinach Tempeh Potstickers
(Spinach, grain tempeh, and ginger in a dumpling wrap
pan fried with orange chile sauce)

Specialty Feasts
(complete meals suited for weddings, special occasions or entertaining at home)
Priced from $17-$40/person
~prices subject to change~

Asian Marinated Pork Loin
(served with gingered sweet potatoes, five spice apples, and artisan breads)

Filet of Beef Tenderloin
(served with gorganzola sauce and roasted cherry tomatoes, garlic roasted
fingerling potatoes and artisan breads)

Tea Smoked Salmon
(served with wasabi potato latkes, fuji apple salad and artisan breads)

Mexican Feast
(Goat cheese and corn enchiladas smothered in
red mole sauce and served with stuffed jalepeno and arroz verde)

Tapas Feast
(Traditional Spanish 'little bites'...spicy shrimp, moroccan eggplant with
cilantro pesto, ceviche, sauteed wild mushrooms with spaghetti squash and
tortilla espanola with romesco sauce)


Melissa Childs
Owner and Chef
P.O. Box 489
Silverton, CO 81433